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Merits of the Belt and Road Initiative

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-09-23 10:56:56| Author: BI Weizi

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Edited by BI Weizi

This year marks the 8th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative.

As a grand idea and Chinese solution to promote global common prosperity and build a community with a shared future for humankind, the Belt and Road Initiative is a mutually beneficial project for China and the world.

Since the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative, positive results have been achieved in various fields of international cooperation.

Recently, media, experts and scholars from many countries have called on all parties to participate more actively in this initiative and hailed it as a great development opportunity for the international community.

Bringing real benefits along the route

The Belt and Road Initiative seeks to connect many countries and regions through large-scale infrastructure investments to achieve common development, said Tom Fowdy, a British political and international relations analyst, in an article published on the Russia Today website. The popularity of the Chinese initiative is due to the fact that China does not attach any political conditions to the investment and can coordinate the participation of relevant enterprises or financial institutions when promoting the project.

An article by the Spanish newspaper Rebellion said that by building the Belt and Road Initiative, the countries concerned have effectively improved their infrastructure development, promoted sustainable development and strengthened exchanges and ties among civilizations.

The U.S. magazine Newsweek described the Belt and Road Initiative as, "One of the most successful and influential economic projects." In an interview, Maya Majueran and Yashiru Ranaraja, co-founders of the Belt & Road Initiative Sri Lanka, pointed out that it promotes common development and prosperity through win-win cooperation, and enhances mutual understanding and trust through peace and friendship.

Tackling more complex global challenges

The China-Europe shuttle train has operated more than 40,000 trains with a combined value of more than 200 billion USD, opened up 73 operational routes and reached more than 160 cities in 23 European countries, providing an economic lifeline amid the pandemic.

According to an article on the website of the German Transportation Daily, the latest research results of the International Union of Railways show that the rail freight volume between Europe and China has increased five-fold in the past five years under the impetus of the Belt and Road Initiative, a development momentum that is still ongoing.

Greener projects help a green recovery of the global economy

China's economy has withstood the severe test of the pandemic, and the country's outstanding capabilities in telemedicine, e-commerce and financial technology have played a key role in the fight against COVID-19, said Radiotelevisione Italiana, the national public broadcasting company of Italy. China is the largest consumer of medicine in the Asia-Pacific region and the second largest in the world, and its continued investment in infrastructure, healthcare and high technology will drive the construction of a healthier community.

Environmentalist Jennifer Calais, editor-in-chief of the French website the Conversation, said that the Belt and Road Initiative has received an enthusiastic response from many countries, and many high-quality cooperation projects have been implemented. Today, China is taking climate change seriously and actively promoting cooperation on environmental protection, and greener investments and projects in the Belt and Road Initiative will help the global economy recover in a green way.

Editor:BI Weizi

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