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Beijing's Chaoyang District Provides One-stop Service for Foreign Talents

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-09-23 10:40:31| Author: Staff?Reporters

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By Staff Reporters

A foreign expert is consulting with the service desk at one of Chaoyang's HTSC service locations. [PHOTO: HTSC]

From July 2020, Beijing Chaoyang High-level Talents Service Center (HTSC) has been setting up one-stop service stations for international residents to enhance foreign experts' experience of working and living in China.

The service centers integrated 120 service items from 19 departments and accomplished the goal of processing multiple inquiries/applications all at one site.The one-stop service contains matters regarding immigration, business and employment, service guarantees, work permits, talent recognition, and talent introduction and registration.As of this August, it had processed 2,783 cases.

To access the platform, users can search "Chaoyang Zhengwu" on WeChat, and select "International Talent" in the Service section, where you will be redirected to HTSC's online platform.Currently, it has eight service locations.Below is the list of the eight locations from north to south.

- Chaoyang Zhongyun Building International Talent One-stop Service Site

- Chaoyang Wangjing International Talent One-stop Service Station

- Beijing Chaoyang Chaoyangyuan International Talent One-stop Service Center

- Chaoyang Upper East Side International Talent One-stop Service Site

- Beijing Chaoyang International Talent One-stop Service Center

- Chaoyang Maizidian International Talent One-stop Service Station

- Chaoyang Sanlitun International Talent One-stop Service Station

- Chaoyang CBD International Talent One-stop Service Center

Source: HTSC

Editor:WEN Haoting

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